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Grind Poker is an online retailer carrying private-label apparel and gifts for poker players and gaming fans.

What We Do?

We design poker gear that we would be proud to wear. We're poker players, we're creatives, and we're really into apparel. Our process is pretty simple - we brainstorm new design ideas every few weeks, normally spend 2-4 weeks mocking up designs, and then we share ideas with our friends to see what they like the most. Only a couple of new designs make the cut every couple of months and we're hoping to keep expand the garments we offer as we meet new printers and clothiers.

There are only a few of us that help out with everything involved (orders, printing, customer service, marketing, etc.) and we really appreciate all the kind messages that we've been getting.

Letter from our Founder

I was pushed to start Grind in 2016 by a group of poker-playing friends who really liked custom printed jackets that I had made for a poker trip to Vegas. After only finding cheesey T-Shirts online for our trip, I was driven to create something nicer that we'd want to wear even after the trip. Part of me identifies as a poker player - the strategy, risk-taking, and reward of the game is all amazing. And for something that I'm passionate about, it was disappointing to not see a more sophisticated and functional option to the clothing that I wore at the table. I hope that you continue to like and support what we're doing.

Justin Moodley
Founder, Grind Poker

Team Grind

Ambassadors for our brand.

Joe S.
Keli & Nate
Christian Sabio
Justin Moodley

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